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8 Ways To Fix Up Your Front Porch

The first thing people see on your house is the front porch. From a wooded bungalow to suburbia USA, your front porch can be the cozy, welcoming entry way of the home. With warmer weather finally here, you may be wanting to fix up your front porch to increase its appeal. I’ve compiled a list of upgrades you can make and sorted them easiest to hardest.

Add Flowers

Adding some floral color to your front porch is an easy way to make the space feel more welcoming and it’s not too expensive. You can purchase potted plants or flowers for display around your space, just be sure the plants can get sunlight!. If your front porch is large enough you can hang plants from the ceiling. You can also purchase seasonal wreaths, or make them yourself as a fun project.

Create A Sitting Area

If your front porch is large enough, adding a sitting area is a great way to fill empty space and make people feel welcome. A few pieces of weather-resistant furniture can completely change the look of your front porch and provide a nice spot to relax during the evening.

Add New House Numbers

Aside from signaling the mail carrier, your house numbers can add a great decorative touch to the front of your house. There are endless varieties and styles of numbers to choose from, so finding a set to match your personality has never been easier. If you’re replacing the old house numbers, be sure to keep the numbers in plain sight for mail carriers.

Add Lighting

Brighten up your front porch with some new lighting. Most front porch lighting is overhead and does a poor job of illuminating the area. You can install new lighting in your ceiling or above the front door. Not only do better lights illuminate your front porch, they illuminate anyone who may come on your front porch. If you’d like some new lighting installed, fill out my free job cost estimate form and I’d be glad to help out.

Improve Your Walkway

Part of your front porch is the walkway leading up to the house. If your walkway is dirty and disheveled it can take away from the rest of your home. You can improve your walkway by cleaning the existing path or installing a new one. There are hundreds of options from stone pavers to roll-out wood pathways. You can also install edging along the walkway to keep pavers in place and grass from overgrowth. I offer walkway improvements and would love the chance to give you a job cost estimate.

Install Porch Swing or Hammock

This option requires you to have plenty of space on your front porch, but can provide a relaxing and welcoming spot for homeowners. If you’re going to install a porch swing you’ll need to secure the eye bolts to a ceiling joists to ensure the swing is safe. Don’t forget to drill pilot holes to avoid splitting the board. Follow a similar approach when installing a hammock chair. If you need help with your new front porch swing we offer affordable installation services

Paint The Front Door

If you’ve got a faded, dull front door color, painting the door could liven up your front porch. Whether you choose a darker, rich color or vibrant, shiny color, a fresh coat of paint always spruces up the way your house looks. You can either paint the door while still on frame or remove it from the hinges to make painting easier. You’ll need to prep the door and use weather resistant paint to ensure your paint last for years to come. If you don’t want to do any painting, I offer painting services to suit your needs

Screen In The Front Porch

This is a great option for people who live in areas with high insect populations. Screening in your front porch can provide year round protection from mosquitoes and other pesky critters. Depending on how your house is built, screening in the front porch could be easy, or require some additional construction. It’s a large project to take on, and I would be glad to see how I can assist you with it.

If you take on some of these tips your front porch will quickly become one of the most popular spots at your home. You can start small and work your way up to improve how it looks over time. If you’d like more information feel free to reach out and we’ll discuss what options are available!

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