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6 DIY Home Improvement Projects

During this time of year, homeowners all over Ohio are starting home improvement projects. While there’s never a shortage of potential projects around the house, choosing a DIY project within your time and skill limitations can present a challenge. I’ve compiled a list of weekend projects ideas you can try in your home. If any of these sound good, but you don’t have time to DIY, contact me and I’d be glad to discuss your next project.

Upgrade Your Bedroom

This can be something simple, like hanging drapes; to something more complex, like building a new headboard for your bed, or painting the walls. Even small changes can have a big impact in a space you use every day, so get creative!

Replace Bathroom Tile

Depending on when your home was built, your bathroom tile could worn down and dated. If your home is older than 5-7 years, the tile in your bathroom is probably in need of change. This is a great opportunity to freshen up the look of your bathroom by installing new, durable tile. Installing tile can be tough, so if you run into problems and need some help, I offer affordable tile installation services.

Front Porch Makeover

Your front porch is what people see when they first come to your home. You can fix up your front porch with various projects like adding flowers, changing the numbers, or painting your front door. More complicated project like screening in the front porch may require professional assistance.

Organize The Garage

You know the section of your garage that’s been covered in stuff for the last 5 years? All the stuff you were going to, “take care of”? Well now’s the time to get some organizing done. One way to do that is by installing shelves in your garage. This can be the simple wall mounted boards, or the more complex shelves that hang from the ceiling. Depending on the size and shape of your garage, you may be able to drastically increase the usable space.

Fresh Landscaping

Along with the front porch, well designed and maintained landscaping can easily improve the look of your house. Start with something simple, like a small bush or flowers; then, gradually add other items like flower beds, edging, and larger trees. If you have a smaller space to work with, consider vertical garden wall planters.

Change Cabinet Hardware

If your home is older, the hardware used on the cabinets could be dated. Adding new, fresh hardware like drawer handles, pulls, knobs and others can spruce up the look of your kitchen or bathroom. It’s an easy change that can be done in a day! Make sure to take careful measurements of your old handles so you buy matching sizes!

If you have other ideas for projects around your home, but need some help, contact me. I can assist with any home improvement project you may have in mind. With years of experience helping people, I can provide you with honest, reliable services to improve your home.

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