4 Winter Preparation Tips For Homeowners

With the change in weather many homeowners are scrambling to prepare their homes for upcoming winter changes. Cold weather can negatively impact a house, but these effects can be lessened with proper planning. Often, we don’t think about these simple fixes until it’s mid February and just the thought of working outdoors sends a shiver down your spine. Here are some quick fixes you can use to prepare your home for the rest of winter!

1. Check Visible Pipes

This one seems like a no-brainer, but is often neglected by homeowners. All too often, exposed pipes go years without inspection or care. This can include sprinklers, outdoor water faucets, or even washing machine lines. Inevitably, older pipes exposed to extreme elements are damaged and burst from being rapidly frozen. When properly cared for, pipes can last years. Check all exposed pipes and care for them to help maintain a leak free home this winter!

2. Conserve Energy

During the warmer months, our heaters and furnaces go relatively unused and forgotten. Small leaks in pipes, or lack of overall unit performance could be costing you money on utility bills. Having your heater or duct work inspected could help reduce energy consumption during colder months. Chimneys can also be cleaned for improving performance of your heating system. If your heating system is running properly, it would be advantageous to also check doors and windows for cracks or leaks. Small gaps in windows or doors can lead to big utility bills. Seal these gaps with caulking or repairing your door with weather stripping.

3. Winter Tools

Don’t neglect the importance of having proper winter tools ready for when bad weather strikes. Rock salt for icy walkways, snow shovel for those powdery days, or even better outdoor lighting can benefit homeowners during winter months. With these tools readily available, homeowners can better tackle the problems winter throws their way. If you need help installing outdoor lighting we can help with that.

4. Check Gutters & Roofing

Clogged gutters can lead to roof and siding problems. When debris fills gutters, clogs form and water builds up; damaging the roof and siding. When left unchecked, this can cause leaks, or interior damage. Gutter cleaning helps prevent your roof from taking unnecessary damage during winter months. For flat roofs, cleaning loose debris off the roof before winter weather helps reduce potential damage from moisture. Whatever you decide, use extreme caution when going on roofs, as they can be dangerous.

With these tips homeowners can be better prepared to take winter head-on. If these tips sound like a great idea, but you don’t know where to get started; fill out my free work estimate and I’ll be glad to help you prepare for winter.

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